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  • Fumigation Vessel Service

Every standard step that works on vessel must correct and conform in regulation of International Maritime Organization (IMO). Especially fumigation service, in work process control of BF quality system.

Fumigation work team operates standardized strictly in position of facilitator on that vessel. We engross to give best quality of fumigation and safety to all accessories.


  • Fumigate Container service

  • BF fumigate and B-GAS every containers efficiency. 1. Our customers receive respond and service quickly from diligent work teams in each shipment. 2. We have professional team works that respond and service customer quickly in each shipment. Special case such as delivery product to Australia we are one of leading companies that accepted and certify from Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS). We work and cooperated with Department of Agriculture that have duty for check fumigation work, certification fumigated and issue Phyto documents in that shipment of exporter.

  • Fumigate in storehouse and silo service

BF made fumigation management plan in each case by cover every quality steps start with we survey, target place analyze, plan and prepare to fumigation in target place for highest efficiency and safety. We have team work that expert and have experience for 10 years that develop continually for increase efficiency in fumigation. We hope our customers are beneficiary in develop continually.

  • Fumigate in industrial factory
  • This kind of Fumigate is about safety there is prepare day and time conform to work in each shipment for safety of produce worker or relate institute for more safety because fumigation time chemical will control and eradicate so for safety in every institute, worker or head that control fumigate must tag show every step of fumigation for relate institute knows.

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