Methyl Bromide 98%,100%

Product Details

Common name   Organic
Chemical type   Methyl Bromide 98% +Choloropicrin (warning agent) 2%
Prominent Feature : rim on iron tanks are yellow (China). Blue and gray (Israel), if quality like gas cylinder that means manufacture from Belgium.
Manufacturer : China, Israel and Belgium
Quality : Chemical fumigate 50kg weight of Iron cylinder and lid mere 16-18kg. (Identify at Iron cylinder)
Important feature : Methyl bromide is Chemical in shape of monocule, no color no smell low concentration but have sweet smell like Chloroform that high quality for Infiltration.
Option :

Fumigate every kind of farm produce such as rice, corn, millet, various kind of bean, Tapioca pellets, Chinese Medical Herbs.


Methyl Bromide use for get rid insect plant pests in storehouse use for eliminates borers in wood and rattan furniture, woodcut and basket works.

Aluminum Phosphide Pillets

Aluminum Phosphide Pillets

       Get rid insect plant pests including instant food product in container for export, wood and rattan furniture, plant seeds, rice, herbs, animal food, fish powder, coffee bean, tobacco and else.

  • this gas is no color it have a little bit smell like garlic -Chemical formula is PH3

  • molecular weight 34.1

  • heavy than air 1.2 / boiling point 87.4 c

  • Aluminium Phosphide can melt in water 26%

  • Phosphine gas intense can blow up

  • Oxidation with metal such as gold, copper and silver.

Aluminum Phosphide is poisonous to insect and  warm blooded animal no toxin residual
Aluminum Phosphide that vaporized it like an ash can be fertilizer Cieling concentration 0.3 ppm

        Heat through the pot                Gas detectors Bowl methyl bromide.

  Measuring the concentration of gas methyl bromide Bowl.

Check intensity of Mythl Bromide Digital system allow AQIS standard

Product information

1. Intensity show in number
2. You can check intensity in duration 0-999 OZ/F3 or GM/M3
3. There is deviatation for read gas intensity less +-5%
4. There is pump for suck gas example in fumiscope
5. You can adjust air flow in fumiscope from 0-2 cubic foot/minute
6. Zero adjust
7. Hose connection diameter mere 0.5 cm.

Gas detector

Product detail

1. Burn tube

2. Rubber tube long 2 feet

3. Properl gas weight 400 gm.

  Sand Snake                       Marking Tape


Equipment related to chemical fumigation.


 Fumigated thick plastic sheets 0.05mm.   Thick plastic fumigation 0.1-0.3mm.
Fabric roll size 0.05-0.3mm. Length 130 yards PVC plastic black for laying foundation thick 0.25-0.5mm.